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Wow your audience

Looking for a keynote speaker to inspire your audience with new perspectives on business?

Protect your reputation by hiring a professional who is easy to work with and who can make your event memorable

Let's see if we are a fit...

Are you fed up seeing the same old faces, working with people whose ego gets in the way, who demand too much of your time.

You and your audience deserve better


Would you like a helping hand?

Imagine having an experienced mentor and coach supporting you through your most challenging times plus access to a wealth of resources all designed to help you grow your business.

Find out how that can work for you.

Let's see if we are a fit...

Tired of reading books, blogs and articles containing confusing advice that some times is contradictory? Fed up making decisions on your own?

Why not use an experienced guide and piggy back his 40+ years of experience. He knows what it is like to fail but he also knows what it is like to scale a business 100 times and enjoy the success that it brings.

We have a team of experts and everything you need in one place and we promise never to offer you any service that is not the right fit.

Why go it alone when you can have an experienced guide helping you to reduce stress, share the challenges and support you on your journey.
Every successful entrepreneur relies on a business mentor so what is holding you back?


Clients Include:

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Client Testimonial

Great insights

"Like so many business owners one of the greatest challenges I found was getting away from the day to day tasks to focus on the important areas of the business. This meant that I was working long hours leaving me little time to enjoy the success we achieved.

Alec was able to quickly understand the dynamics of the business, put in place plans with deadlines and KPI’s and help me get away from the constant noise that was part of the daily routine. He was always available to help resolve issues as they presented themselves.

We now have processes and systems in place supported by a team who have a clear understanding of their roles and this will allow us to grow the business substantially".

Steve Bray, Managing Director, AEI

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