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Are you an SME business owner looking for the right answers but tired of reading books, watching videos and wondering what to do next?

5 Simple Steps to destination SUCCESS

Where do you want to go? Where are you now? What do you need to do? Let's take that journey together.


We are all on our personal journey to destination Success, whatever that looks like for each us. It probably includes financial independence, respect from our peers or we may wish to build an empire. However, we are mistaken in the belief that passion, energy and hard work will get us there because we overlook one serious obstacle, the route map most of us have is either incorrect, incomplete or both.


This means that a lot of the hard work, late hours and money invested doesn’t take us very far on our journey leaving us confused, frustrated and stressed. This impacts on the time we have with loved ones as well as our physical and mental wellbeing. What is even more frustrating is that we know we deserve better considering the sacrifices we have made.


How do I know? I have been that traveller, I have taken wrong turns, I have found myself in cul-de-sacs and I have had to make U turns. I know that feeling of fighting an uphill battle and it was only when I invested in an experienced guide, one who had travelled this road before that I was able to complete my journey. This helped me scale my business 100 times, gave me more free time with my family and a feeling of self achievement. This message is constantly reinforced by my radio show guests, most of whom achieved success but only after investing in a mentor.


Client Testimonial

"Alec is just one of those people who understands people and business. When it comes to strategic thinking and creating and executing ideas Alec is one of the best. He thinks very creatively yet very much has his mind on the outcome and more importantly how to get there."

Stephan Murtagh - The Exhibition Guy

Avoid Disappointment
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Today I take a limited number of people on that journey. Limited because not everyone is mentally ready or committed. Limited because of the time I need to invest with each person to give them the best opportunity to succeed. If this is potentially you then take the first step by scheduling a call to find out more in total confidence. This could be the start of your journey to destination Success. SCHEDULE your complimentary and confidential CALL

What is your greatest challenge right now?
Let’s start with that

5 Simple Steps to destination SUCCESS
5 Simple Steps to less stress, more free time and financial freedom


What does success look like to you - let's map that picture out clearly so that we can set a course and timeline that is tailored to your specific needs. We now have a destination.

Your business journey is the most important journey you will ever undertake and for many it has proved to be the most expensive. It is not surprising because you cannot know what is coming down the line and you can't be expected to have all of the skills needed to complete it.

Sadly, too many people take this journey on their own leading to stress, fatigue and time away from loved ones. Why do they do it, because they believe that it is the least expensive route based on the limited resources they have available. Unfortunately, sooner or later they discover that it is a false economy and had they invested in a skilled guide how much easier it could have been. In fact it is not only self financing but the payback is often multiples of what they invested.


What tools and resources do you have available to help you? You have many more than you think and together we will identify them. On top of that you will have access to the tool kit in our resources centre plus we will help you access any that are missing so that your journey is a seamless one.

This is an in-depth look at the business from a financial and resource perspective. This is not about the past but an honest appraisal of what is needed now for the future to get you to your destination.


We have your destination and the information we need to get you on the right track. Now let's create that plan together.

We know clearly where you are going, when you want to arrive and the resources you have at your disposal to get there. Now let’s put that into a detailed Strategic Plan with actions, deliverables and dates so you can follow your progress and make any corrections should a problem present itself.


Let’s implement that plan together, step by step, reviewing the achievements week by week and managing any bumps in the road as they present themselves.

We review weekly what is happening, what support and advice you need to ensure we get to each stage of the journey in the quickest time possible. And what happens if there is an emergency, we are there immediately to support you, bringing an experienced head when you most need it.


Congratulations, you have got there, now let's discuss what you want to do next.

Too many people get to Stage 4 and stop but there is one piece missing, life after you have completed your journey. What will you do and what will be your legacy?

What is your greatest challenge right now?
Let’s start with that

Plan costs:

€1,487 plus VAT monthly (limited availability) 
Join waiting list €490 plus VAT non refundable deposit

Our Values

We will always treat the information we collect as confidential and will not disclose it to any third parties without your express permission. Our focus is to get you the best outcome based on the information supplied so we shall not knowingly guarantee the achievement of results or undertake projects that are beyond our

capabilities. We shall notify you immediately if there is likely to be a conflict of interest.

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