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Networking is still the most effective way to drive new business!

Networking for Professional Services

Your company's people are one of its hidden resources

Ideal for organisations of all types


Unless you are selling your products or services online your number one way to get new business is and always has been networking. Networking is a skill that has been lost in the modern world of smart devices. This is not a difficult skill to master but once you make up your mind and implement the skills from this workshop a whole new world of business will open up to you. As a bonus you will see your social life benefit from what you are doing naturally and with confidence.


As the longest serving member of Ireland’s premier networking organisation, Dublin Chamber of Commerce let me show you what I have learnt over the last 40 years and why it still works.

Feel confident, knowing what to say and how to position your organisation when meeting new people. Remember, this is about attracting happy long-term clients rather than losing people after the one off sale. This long-term strategy will give you stunning results once you implement it correctly and consistently. 

Ideal for Breakfast Briefings and Lunch and Learn sessions which will be tailored to fit the allotted time you have available.

Why not invite some of your clients and use this event as part of your marketing strategy. Be seen as someone interested in helping your clients to grow their business and benefit from the PR that goes with it.

Time required

2 hours including Q&A
(if the audience would like extra time for the Q&A it shall be provided FREE of charge)

Workshop Cost

Zoom €697 plus VAT

 Face to Face in Dublin €697 plus VAT, other locations on request


Client Testimonial

Alec recently spoke at our Sydney Diamond Club session and the feedback I received from our attendees was that Alec shared information about networking in such a way he made us think in contexts we hadn't considered before. I believe the mark of a great speaker is someone who helps the audience think in ways they've not thought before. Alec certainly did this. Thanks Alec!

Sabiha Vorajee, Senior HR Strategy Specialist / Board Advisor / Coach & Mentor / Writer

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