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Online Course

The Business of being in Business


Every business whether they are a multinational, or your local professional services firm can be broken down into two distinct areas. Firstly, the knowledge, experience or products they sell and secondly, the skills they need to run a business.


Alec Drew, the Business Expert, calls these skills The Business of being in Business. Large organisations have the luxury of employing full time experts to manage this side of the business. Smaller organisations are forced to do some of it themselves but also need to outsource expertise as required.

In this course, Alec has outlined the various elements of The Business of running a Business and talks you through each area, identifying what you can do yourself and where you must bring in experts.

Join Alec as he takes you on a planned journey to what he calls your destination ‘Success’.

In this course you will learn:

  1. What experts to bring in and when to bring them in.

  2. How to create your brand

  3. How to create an organisational chart

  4. The value of having processes in your business

  5. The importance of creating the right culture in your business

  6. How to identify your costs and manage debt

  7. The importance of networking and how to build relationships

Documents supplied – Where are you now assessment, Strategic Plan checklist


Client Testimonial

Alec recently spoke at our Sydney Diamond Club session and the feedback I received from our attendees was that Alec shared information about networking in such a way he made us think in contexts we hadn't considered before. I believe the mark of a great speaker is someone who helps the audience think in ways they've not thought before. Alec certainly did this. Thanks Alec!

Sabiha Vorajee, Senior HR Strategy Specialist / Board Advisor / Coach & Mentor / Writer

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