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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

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Here are a range of apps designed to make life simple. 


SumUp - allows you to take card payments without being physically connected to anything. It is handy device if you are on the go and you can issue receipts through your smartphone. There is a small initial charge with a commission taken on each transaction.


Receipt Bank


Payment App

Flint - a phone app that allows you to create invoices and take payment. It is free to use for a very small number of transactions.

Waveapps - a free accounts package that allows you to photograph and capture information off your receipts, download bank statements, issue invoices and take payment by credit card.

Transfer Wise



Client Management

Pipedrive - a Cloud based app that contains a CRM system and project pipeline with all of that stats you need. Price €12.00 per month

Capsule CRM

Campaign Monitor - you want to send professional looking emails to a number of people and avoid being tagged as a spammer. Easy to use and starts from €9.00 per month.

Google Tasks

Document Management

Dropbox storage

PDFescape - this allows you to import a pdf file and make simple changes. It is free and easy to use. It can be a bit clunky but that comes with its price.

Time Trackers

Track what you are doing with your time

Keep a log of the time you spend on projects

Time Tracking

Transcription Services


Live audience feedback app

Loyalty Card Electronic Storage – all of your loyalty cards on your phone

Scheduling App

Grammarly makes sure everything you type is clear, effective and mistake free

HP Instant Ink - imagine your printer advising HP that an ink cartridge is nearly out of ink and ordering a replacement which is delivered to your door. Cost €2.99 per month

Mind Map - a great way to get your thoughts down in front of you is to use mind maps. You can also use them as prompts for learing your speeches. This one is free.

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Alec Drew, KBE shares his passion and knowledge around productivity and communications in the professional services sector. A major part of his 40 years in business was spent as Managing Partner of a highly successful branding agency where he worked with a wide range of CEO’s across all sectors. His insightful questioning and straight talking opened up new conversations, giving them fresh insights into their own organisations and uncovering valuable revenue streams that were previously overlooked. One strategy helped his clients achieve €3.23 billion in additional sales over a 5 year period.

He demonstrates the positive effect on shareholder value when all levels of an organisation speak the same language.  


As an international speaker he shows very quickly how a simple shift in mindset can have such a positive impact on the bottom line. He hates waffle, verbose explanations and jargon and his talks get straight to the point in a no nonsense but entertaining way. ’Technology - The Time Thief’ is a fresh and honest look at the combined effects of technology and communications not just on business but on society as a whole.


He hosts a weekly radio show where business leaders from all sectors share seminal moments in their lives. Asking insightful questions he encourages guests to retrace their steps from the start of their career to where they are now and talk about key influencers that shaped their success. It gives listeners their weekly fix of encouragement to believe in themselves and demonstrates the abundance of resources that are available to help you complete your journey to destination SUCCESS.  


He is Past President of the Professional Speaking Association, Ireland, a member of the PSA and the Global Speaking Federation. 


'The concept of business is simple until you let a human being near it' - Alec Drew