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SMEs and Corporates


Alec runs a programme of workshops, including those detailed below. Workshops are for both SMEs and for medium to large corporates.

Learn how to leverage online networks to make lasting connections

Discover your Hidden Resources

1-hour seminar on harnessing the people power
of your organistaion


5 Steps to Powerful Persuasive Presentations

This talk is delivered in a one hour taster session but can be created as a bespoke workshop for individual organisations


Communicate with Confidence

Ideal for up to 5 people who need to communicate a message to any size of audience either internally or externally


Higher Fees for the Same Work

Ideal for professional services organisations / professional service membership organisations


Networking Online

Networking is still the most effective way to drive new business and online presents a new challenge

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Further Resources

Further resources, including radio interviews, videos, longer articles and more have been gathered in a handy blog-style format.

Contact Alec at:
+353 87 271 1955

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